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    Hefa Hong Kong Co., Ltd. was founded in May, 1998. It is a manufacturing factory integrating the design, development, manufacture and molding of precision plastic products and secondary processing of plastic mold. The company has an existing workshop area of 5200 square meters, with over 120 skilled engineers and technicians. It has cad/cam design and processing software, as well as advanced mold making equipment such as large CNC processing center, CNC discharge motor, medium and small shock injection molding machine, South lift injection molding machine and precision testing instrument.
    In 2006, it passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 quality and environmental management system certification, and passed UL certification in 2010.
    The main customers of the company are pianeer, JVC, teac, Sanyo, Korean companies LG, Weixun Jia, eintech, kustech, US company, A-MAX, Taiwan funded company aishenhongda, Thailand company alleid, etc.
    Main products of the company: audio, VCD, DVD, MP3, PMP, language learning machine, digital camera, mobile phone, vacuum cleaner, thermometer, Lenovo hard disk, sports device, beauty salon, electric toothbrush, etc. IML production line is established by professional technicians engaged in the product for many years; IML professional production equipment is adopted to strictly require each production link and process, ensuring that every product delivered is perfect and flawless. Its strong development and design capability ensures that every IML product of the customer can be successfully mass produced and sufficient supply is guaranteed.
    We adopt modern management mode, adhering to the high-quality, punctual, efficient and fast business philosophy, we warmly provide customers with one-stop service such as product development, mold manufacturing, injection molding, secondary processing, etc. Welcome to call for advice, believe that our sincere attitude and high-quality service will become the cornerstone of your cooperation!

    ADD:Sanbaojing industrial district, Shenzhen, A3




    Sanbaojing industrial district, Shenzhen, A3


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